Friday, June 25, 2010
New beginning?
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Tempted to try again.  I'm somewhat bored by the layout but don't know what I would prefer.  I'm somewhat bored by what I have to say but not sure what I'd like to want to say.  I like the activity of blogging and I like the alertness.  I want to "talk" with people out there.  On the other hand, I do not like being yelled at for thinking out loud or for posing thoughts that may be "wrong minded" or seem just plain wrong to people.  I'm not sure why people can't have wildly differing opinions without being angry at each other.  Arguing about ideas can be fun and needn't be mean.  I'd like to think that different points of view make for a more interesting world.  Who wants to eat the same food or wear the same clothes all the time?  (Well, I like to wear black most of the time but that's partly about hiding, I'm told.  And I like to eat Greek yogurt for dinner a lot but that's about digestion and light meals.  But who likes to read the same book or watch the same movie every day, right?  Whatever.  So let's wind this thing up and see what happens.

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